KYIV, 2021-2022


The organizers of the competition
Inernational opera platform LAVRA OPERA (Ukraine, Kyiv),
International Lavra Opera Academy (Ukraine, Kiev),
Opera Network Firenze (Italy, Fiorenza),
Opera Co-Pro (United Kingdom, London)


The International Competition of singers, dedicated to the memory of the outstanding Italian singer Franco Corelli, whose centenary is celebrated by the world art community, is a unique project that brings together singers from all over the world, of any age (who have already turned 18) for :
- popularization of opera art;
- integration of Ukrainian art into the European cultural space;
- exchange of artistic practices, creation of permanent international relations of Ukrainian and European representatives of culture.
For the first time, the requirements of the competition combine the performance of Ukrainian and Italian works - Neapolitan and Ukrainian songs, which combine the incredible beauty of the melodies of the two most singing languages in the world - Italian and Ukrainian.
Also for the first time in the program of the international competition master classes, creative meetings and streamlines of outstanding artists, managers, marketers and psychotherapists from the USA, Italy, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Ukraine unite not only history of vocal performance and not only opera problems, but also issues of management, marketing and psychology.
This is the first competition in the world dedicated to the name of Franco Corelli - a competition to honor and preserve the memory of an outstanding tenor, who was called one of the best tenors in the world.
During the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic in the world, the competition will be held online.
Venue - Kyiv, Ukraine


The organizing committee of the contest informs that due to the aggravation of the political situation around Ukraine there have been some changes in the schedule and conditions of the contest.
Acceptance of applications has been extended until June 1, 2022.
Round 1 will take place on June 4, 2022
Round 2 will take place on June 11, 2022
The final online broadcast will take place on June 19, 2022.

Between rounds, a program of master classes for all participants -
on a separate schedule.

Professional opera and chamber singers, students and graduate students of higher music educational institutions, performers who have turned 18 by December 1, 2021 are invited to the competition.
Contestants pay a competitive fee of 70 €, details are specified in the application.
Acceptance of applications has been extended until June 1, 2022.
Contestants have the right to freely attend the registered master classes of the online jury members and all events that will be offered online by the competition program.
Participants must submit with the completed application a program that includes two arias and a Neapolitan song, according to the rules of the competition rounds:
- for the 1st round a video of an aria from operas by composers of the 19th century is sent.
The total duration of the video should be up to 10 minutes;
- for the 2nd round a video with an extended aria or a scene from the opera of the composer of the 19th century, as well as a Napolitan song is sent. Video with a total duration
of 15 minutes;
- after the announcement of the finalists of the 2nd round,
7 performers will be admitted to the final round online - not on record,
but live, on-line.
An international honorary jury evaluates the final online.
The finalists perform an aria selected by the jury from the ones presented in the program, as well as a Ukrainian song. The program is accompanied by a piano.
Sites where you can find notes of Ukrainian songs:;
The Gala Concert of the finalists will take place in Italy accompanied by an orchestra.
More about the place and time of the Gala Concert will be announced after the final.

Participants pay a competitive contribution of 70 euros - requisites specified in the application.

1st International Competition of singers
in memory of Franco Corelli

Surname: ______________________________________________
Name: ________________________________________________
Street: ________________________________________________
City: ______________________ Province ___________________
ZIP code:_________________________
Phone: _______________________ E-mail ___________________
Gender: M: ___ F: ____
Date of birth: _____________________
Voice: Soprano:__ Mezzo-soprano:__
Tenor:__ Baritone:__ Bass/Bass-Bariton:___
My program:
1st round - aria from operas by composers of the 19th century. Videos must be up to 10 minutes in total
⦁ __________________________________________________________________________________
2nd round - aria or scenes from operas by composers of the 19th century, and a Neapolitan song. Video with a total length of 15 minutes
⦁ ___________________________________________________________________________________
⦁ ___________________________________________________________________________________
I will perform a Ukrainian song if I reach the final of the competition:
⦁ __________________________________________________________________________________
Along with the application form, all candidates must send:
a) A short CV written in one page;
b) A payment receipt of 70 €, reason for payment: "Contribution for participation in the competition" ( “Внесок за участь у конкурсі”).
I have read and accept the terms and conditions for the participation of competitors in the International Competition of singers in memory of Franco Corelli and authorize the exclusive use of my personal data by NGO " Pechersky Bridge" for the purpose of holding this competition.

Date: ____________________
Signature _________________

Prize Fund and Rewards of Franco Corelli competition

Grand Prix - Golden Laurel Wreath LAVRAOPERA,

certificate (10 000$) for creating a video clip of the LAVRAstudio in Kyiv

1 prize - certificate (8 000$) for creating a video clip of the LAVRAstudio in Kyiv

2 prize - certificate (6 000$) for creating a video clip of the LAVRAstudio in Kyiv

3 prize - certificate (4 000$) for creating a video clip of the LAVRAstudio in Kyiv

The prize fund also consists of special rewards, honorary diplomas proposed by the members of the honorary jury and rewards and gifts from sponsors and friends of the competition.

Financial reward Grand Prix can not be divided. Other places and premiums by the decision of the jury can be shared between participants.

The honorary international jury invited prominent Ukrainian musicians, performers from Italy, Great Britain, USA, Czech Republic, Moldova.
An international honorary jury evaluates all speeches of participants, including the finalists, online.
Marco Corelli (Italy)
- the ambassador of the competition, an opera expert, a chronology and an organizer of the archive memory of the singer and exhibitions of the photos, a brother and a biographer of the opera master will hold streamline from Ancona - Franco's hometown and creative meetings with participants, where he will share memories of the prominent singer .
Michael Paul (USA)

– is a New York-based voice teacher and specialist who is on the voice faculty of the Metropolitan Opera Lindemann Young Artist Development Program. A tenor singer, he was a well recognized Oratorio and Chamber Music singer in the greater Metropolitan area. He furthered his vocal education with a clinical internship at the Vox Humana laboratory.
Marcello Lippi (Italy)

- a director, a musical critic, a musicologist,an artistic director of the Italian festival in London, Verdi theater in Pisa, baritone opera singer; within the framework of the competition the maestro Lippi will hold a master class from opera interpretation
Federico Bardazzi (Italy)
– an artistic manager In-Canto Gregoriano - Incontri International Di Firenze,a project devoted to the philological study of the musical interpretation of the early Liturgical repertoire, a member of the supreme committee AISCGRE (Associazione Internazionale Studi Di Canto Gregoriano) from 2015, a president and an artistic director of the international choral festival of Florence.
Ambra Sorrentino
(United Kingdom)
- General Manager of the company, and supported by the Opera Co-Pro Members and Partner Organizations. an Italian entrepreneur, Opera Management Professor and Chair of the Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee of the London Performing Academy of Music

Valeriu Cozhocaru (Moldova)
– an opera and chamber singer,a bass, a national artist of the Republic of Moldova,a soloist of the Maria Bieshu National Opera Theater, a laureate of international competitions, a participant of the programs and concers of Spiritual Music
Andriy Shkurhan
(Ukraine - Czech Republic)

- an outstanding Ukrainian baritone, an opera and chamber performer, a laureate of the National Taras Shevchenko prize, an honored artist of Ukraine, a laureate of numerous vocal competitions, a teacher.
Tetiana Zozulia (Ukraine)
– an opera director and a producer, a rector of the International Lavra Opera Academy, opera platform Lavra Opera's artistic director, a founder and a member of the Jury of numerous musical projects, including the creation of the "Opera Region" in Georgia, International Youth Competition-Festival "ART&MORE", Montecatini Opera Academy, Luigi Illica Opera Stage (Italy), Tijtt Kuuzik Competitions and Claudia Tayev (Estonia, Parnu), International Festivals "Sakura blossom", "Milan Evenings in Kyiv"
Yevhen Gunko (Ukraine)
– a General Director of Opera Platform Lavra Opera, a Head of the Anticovid Opera Program, an opera and chamber singer, a bass,a laureate of international vocal competitions.. He participated in numerous opera projects of the theaters of Italy - Fondazione Teatro Verdi Di Pisa (Pisa), Azienda Teatro Del Giglio Di Lucca (Lucca), Fondazione Teatro Della Città di Livorno "C. Goldoni »(Livorno), Teatro Coccia Di Novara (Novara) and Greece - Municipal Theater of Piraeus (Athens).
The jury's decision is not subject to revision and appeal.
Contestants are responsible for maintaining copyright.
The organizers reserve the right to publish the competition performances of the finalists and use them for the needs of the competition in any form.

The program
The program of the competition is drawn up and approved by the Organizing Committee in accordance with the submitted applications.
Participants have the right to visit the Master of Classes of online jury and all measures to be offered online with a competitive program.
How to contribute?
In addition to its Founding Members, the Competition will be able to pride itself of Institutional Participants (public or private legal persons) and Participating Shareholders (natural persons) who contribute to the achievement of its purposes through a donation or donation pursuant to the law or by supporting the event as sponsors or partners.
You can participate by donating any amount.
We thank in advance the institutions, companies and individuals who want to support us, both with their financial support and by making their experience available for the realization of Competition,in its first absolute edition, fated to stand out for innovation and professionalism. in the wide panorama of cultural events.
Your donat will be transferred to the private fund of the competition.
If you have the desire to support the competition, but you do not have the financial means, you can become a volunteer or take part in events.
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